A match made in (fashion) heaven

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A match made in (fashion) heaven

A designer gown straight from the fashion week catwalk, a pair of shoes not even in production yet, and a sunny day are all the ingredients you need to make a fashion- and heelalista’s day. The incredibly talented Esther Dorhout Mees – who designs fairytales rather than gowns – and Freedom of Creation collaborated for Esther’s A\W 2014 fashion show and the result can’t be described as anything less than stunning. For today’s post I not only had the honour of wearing couture but also the delightful opportunity to sit down with Esther for a little fashion chat.

“Assimilating people to dive into the story behind the collection but then creating their own“ is her mantra, so here is my little story then: (LINK to eddalovesheels normal page)


Your’s with love,


Today’s shoes are designed by Esther Dorhout Mees. and made possible in great collaboration with Freedom of Creation

Belt and Dress: Dorhout-Mees A\W2014

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